Karen McIndewar


Hi, I’m Karen, a Lanarkshire lass and just over a year shy of moving up an age category!  Nursing is my background and am still largely utilising these skills.

Ultra history

Loved running cross country in school, but never took it further…..fast forward to 2015 when doing a team building exercise at work a colleague’s 3 year plan was to finish a marathon, which she did and thought, if she managed it …with a more ‘colourful’ lifestyle than me, then me as a fairly healthy person could!

First 5K was 2015…First marathon 2016….First ultra was late 2017; a 40 miler…was close to tears and said never again!! Since then I’ve completed 14 ultras ranging from 28 to 55 miles and multiple trail marathons.  Longer distances is where my heart lies, I enjoy the tranquillity and find it good for my mental health. I love being out with nature and taking on much more intimate races than running like sardines packed on tarmac! 2018 was my Ultra year……but 2019 is also heading that way and recently I completed the Fling and Cateran 2 weeks apart in preparation for WHW.  

Why the WHW?

Having run the Fling and Devils last year and returning again for both this year, I’m aiming for the ‘Triple Crown’. It’s my first attempt at WHW race and I’m really challenging myself; a fear of the unknown . It’s also a personal goal for me to complete before I reach 50! To be able to say you’ve taken on the WHW in a ‘oner’ is just simply mind-blowing! I’ve run a number of fantastic and beautiful ultras; but my love is the views over Loch Lomond (where I spent many a summer day in childhood ) and the technical stretches ( give me that to scramble over and I’m happy! )

Race aims

I don’t have an A, B or C time plan!  Generally I’m a middle of the pack finisher. My aim is to just finish the race, hopefully without injury; having rarely ever finished a trail without falling over!! I found the second half of WHW much tougher than the first, so a little anxious how I am going to cope with the tough climbs on tired legs…..but I do have strong mental determination; and unless serious injury or sleep deprivation catch me out…..I may have to crawl, or get my support crew to carry me to the front of the hall, but I plan on seeing you all on the Sunday to collect that iconic goblet!