Alistair McNay


I live in Moffat with my wife and 3 boys. It’s a great place to live as I can run straight into the hills from the door either on forest tracks or open hillside. I’ve been running for 30+ years but only moved up to Ultras about 6 years ago.

Ultra History

I supported my mate on 2 WHW adventures and thought he was a nutter for doing it. At the time I was in a bit of a running lull and was just ticking over, lacking any real focus. But it wasn’t long before I’d signed up for The Fling. It was a long and painful experience but done off only 6 months training, as I’d been injured the previous 6 months. The following year I took almost an hour off my time – it was still a long and painful experience! I’m now into double figures and think I can now consider myself an Ultra runner.

Why the WHW?

After my Fling debut, and eventually after a number of other races, thoughts slowly turned to the WHW. Crewing is one thing but running is quite another. It took a number of years to get through the ballot but made it successfully through the ballot, and through all the training, to make the start line in 2018. This was a step into the unknown having only ever run as far as Tyndrum in The Fling before. I always said that I would only do it once and that’s exactly how I felt for 4 months but as the entries got closer……. 

Aims for the race?

I set a wide range of aims last year;

  • Complete –
  • Aim for under 24 hours – 
  • I want to use my hotel room – 
  • I’d also settle for just breakfast – 

I eventually settled on a race plan between 18 and 20h and everything went to plan – 18h 40min.

This year I’d be more than happy for that time again and ecstatic with 18h 39min……..