2022 Nutrition Webinar

The WHW Race Nutrition webinar took place on Tuesday 10th May 2022 featuring Adrian Stott hosting Meryl Cooper, James from Active Root, Ally McGill and Ritchie Cunningham

  • First up Meryl who as well as talking on her own experiences of fuelling in races ,will also chat around her studies in Integrative nutrition  especially on  how to organise eating and fuelling well , in your life ,in the last important block of training
  • 2nd up James  How Active Root  got started, How it works and how it can work best in an ultra.( we must mention your WHW promo too)  
  • Ian offers a few WHW housekeeping updates’
  • 3rd up Ally with a little background on her running journey to date , how she  progressed into ultras to now being very excited about he 1st WHW and how that is different fro 50/100k distance ,and yrs how she has used active root as one of her main energy sources 
  •  4th up Richie  The voice of experience, returning after a “career break” for more. Loosely, how it was running at the sharp end of the race compared with maybe a more mature relaxed approach now?? We shall see .  

The Active root site link
 with several good articles on fuelling https://activeroot.co.uk

 And this is the  AR WHW offer code https://activeroot.co.uk/pages/west-highland-way?fbclid=IwAR0L5UKVYcLaezFiaHSunLG6-sAVPG8n_ShEP02lnhZu5Nk6Z1UR46aT7ts

Meryl Coopers website for both running  and health coaching  is https://www.merylcoopercoaching.com