Joe Brown


 My name is Joe Brown. I live in High Falls, New York. High Falls is in the Hudson River Valley about 90 miles north of New York City between the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains. I teach elementary school special education students and done so for more than 30 years.

Ultra History

  I started out as a rock climber as a teenager but there was too much standing around in rock climbing for me.  I got into running wanting to do marathons.  After many road marathons I discovered ultras.  I especially loved trail runs and ultras. I couldn’t say how many 50Ks, or 50 milers, but I have run the Vermont 100 7 times and with a good friend the Lakeland 100 in 2015.

Why the WHW?

During our trip to the Lakes and Scotland  in 2015 I fell in love with the countryside and looked forward to another visit and long run. It helps that since my daughter Lauren began her graduate degree in Celtic and Viking archeology at the University of Glasgow in 2017 and she will be part of my support team.  My Great Grandfather was born in Glasgow in December of 1865 less than a mile from where Lauren lives now so a lot of things come together for this iconic run.

Aim for the race?

Run happy and finish what I started.