Jeff Dodson


I’m a middle-aged, banged up life-liver with two great kids and a fantastic girlfriend, the latter who may be crewing me, if I can convince her not to tell me how banged up I look… I started running about 4 years ago on a dare from a friend to do an overnight 25 mile run. I trained for it and in the process lost about 70 pounds. Along with the process I became a big fan of a long long run, and dirt, and pain, and looking like an idiot in the woods. I work far too many hours in the sparsley forested metropolis of New York City on Broadway doing Theatre stuff. If you run up on me and ask, I can bore you for hours with the mundane details. Most likely you’ll pass me so it would be brief…
Ultra History
I don’t usually have the free time to do too many races so I like to do destination things like running across the Grand Canyon but I’ve run a few 50 milers and lots of shorter distance stuff. Some key ones are The North Face Endurance Challenge at Bear Mountain (50M) and the CIA/OSS 50M night run.
Why the WHW?
When I was at university, I spent a semester in London. My buddy and I decided we’d hike the WHW on one of our Holidays. We hiked about half of it in 2 days. It was beautiful. I’ve always said I wanted to get back there again. So combine that desire with my love of running and throw in the existence of this race and here we are. Also when last there, in 1995 there was some kind of “wee kitty” the locals referred to that had mauled a bunch of sheep on a hill near Loch Lomand, and I think big cats are cool.

Aim for the Race?
Err…It’s my first hundred so I have no idea. I’d love to go under 24 hours. But I’d also like to beat the cutoff. If I can run a solid race with no stupid mistakes, no major injuries, no lasting damage to my relationship with those on my crew and stay out of jail in a foreign country then, that, I suppose is a win.