Ross Scrimgeour


I am 36 years old and I was born and raised in Glasgow. I was a club runner back in my youth and took up trail running again about 5 years ago to help me get fit and keep my weight down.

Ultra History

I’ve done 6 ultras in the last 3 years. My favourites will always be the Highland Fling and the Devil o’ the Highlands.

Why the WHW?

I’m lucky enough to have the WHW on my doorstep. I love being out on it and it contains some of the best scenery you’ll find in Scotland. Last year I supported my friend John Martin during the race and the whole event inspired me to sign up for this year.

Aim for the race?
I just want to go out and enjoy the experience and get to Fort William. Time wise, finishing as close to 24 hours would be great, but just completing the race is the main priority.