Chris Burns


Hi, I’m Chris, a 55 year old Edinburgh boy who lives in West Linton, is married to (long suffering) Aileen and has two children, Andrew (21) and Jennifer (17). I’m a paramedic with the Scottish Ambulance Service and count myself as both blessed and very lucky that I genuinely love my work…

Ultra History

I re-started running in 2003 with the Edinburgh Marathon and have been there ever since (The AYE Club In time I joined Penicuik Harriers and, despite our awesome coaches, eventually realised that I was never going to run fast and so how about running further? And so my ultra journey began…. I’ve now completed 13 events including several appearances at the D33, the Fling and the Devil. However, my proudest ‘run streak’ by far was in 2016 when I somehow made my way through to a Triple Crown. It must be said that I am very much a ‘back of the pack’ runner.

Why the WHW (again) ?

2017 degree studies distracted me, but that’s all done now and I was completely blown away to get a place in the 2018 race. I have now run, crewed and swept on the race and so it seemed only natural to go back round to the beginning and start again. 2016 taught me something about a whole new world of possibility delivered by three things: the power of belief, genuine friends (support crew) who were there for me and, of course, relentless forward progress… And through all this, I found the hunger to be back out there on the trail.

Also, because I can – yay !

Aim for the race ?

See above… to finish with dignity intact. If experience and good fortune permit me to better my time, that would be a huge bonus… I so can’t wait…​