Dennis Brandrick


Hi, I’m Dennis Brandrick. I’m 34 and hail from Broadstairs in sunny East Kent. When I’m not running, I’m a theatre technical engineer by day and an active member of CAMRA by night.

Ultra History

My first ultra was the D33 in 2015, and was purely to see if I could make the step up from marathon distance. In 2016, I first ran Jedburgh Ultra and instantly fell in love with the race and ultra running. I now make sure Jedburgh is always in my calendar and since I’ve also attempted the Fling and run half of the North Downs Way unsupported.

Why the WHW?

I’ve got a couple of friends that have completed the race and was encouraged by one of them to start running ultras, and then to try the fling, and then the WHW (He’s on my support crew this year so I can remind him of this when I’m tired and grumpy at Glencoe on Saturday evening!). It was never a race I thought I could ever do, but after completing and enjoying the Fling, I thought maybe I could throw my hat into the ring and now I’m really looking forward to my first full attempt of the way.

Aim for the race?

Arrive in Fort William without using motorised transport! As it’s my first attempt, I will be happy to finish. I’ll be very happy if I arrive in Fort Bill before sunrise on Sunday (unlikely) and absolutely ecstatic if I arrive while it’s still Saturday (miracle wishful thinking!). Also, it would be nice not to fall over anywhere, unlike my previous two fling attempts where the lochside has caused me a stumble both times.