Paul Broad


A father of 3 with the best wife in the world…because she’s given me a pass out to do the WHW and sorts out all that other family stuff so I can go running. Working as a Surveyor in Glasgow and living in Dumbarton I try to get out into the hills and on the trails as often as I can with friends and family. Favourite foods include pizza and beer, so running helps me eat and drink more than I should.

Ultra History

A limited history, I finished my first marathon in 2013 and then a few friends in the Clydesdale Harriers started entering ultras. I thought I can do that and it got me out of bed at the weekends! I managed to finish the Fling in 2016 and the Devil in 2017….my only official ultras.

The Fling and Devil, plus a few marathons, trial marathons, ½ marathons and trail marathons…. The WHW will be a step up!

Why the WHW?

It’s been teasing me for years. And years! Originally I was looking at walking it in 2 days until I heard about the race. Why walk when you can run?

I’m barred from Weight Watchers and Slimming World so figured this would get me into shape. Joking aside I can’t explain why, I just have to do it.

Aim for the race?

Happy with a finish, especially if its sub 30 hrs.