Mike Hoppe


I am 41, I have a wee boy Angus who is 5. Run a Lettings Business and live in sunny East Lothian and run with Haddington Running Club (3 of us this year …go Martyn and Noz!)

Ultra History

I’ve completed around 10 ultra marathons since 2015.  

Why the WHW?

Remember watching ‘Closing Distance’ before I’d even done one Ultra and it just flicked a switch …couldn’t sleep lol. I didn’t at that time think that it was possible but I knew I wanted to start doing stuff like it. Absolutely love it all ….and here I am

Aim for the race?

Running really well – In a sense I’d like to do the race now 🙂 …I have been on the start list before and didn’t make it…I honestly think this is half the battle …..My aim for the race is to line up in Milngavie!!