Thomas Eriksen

I’m 30 and I grew up in Perthshire. After two and a half years in New Zealand I am back living in Glasgow. I like to spend my free time trail running, hiking, camping, fishing and orienteering.

Ultra History
Since 2013 I have run 17 ultras including the Fling, the Devil, Cateran and the Great Glen Ultra. I ran a few different Kiwi ultras with the highlight being the Old Ghost Ultra.

Why WHW?
I have wanted to do this race for years. It’s a beautiful course and challenging distance. I entered in 2015 but was unlucky in the ballot. Now I’m back in the UK and after a disappointing email in December was delighted to get the call up in January!

Race Goals
Plan A- sub 20
Plan B- sub 23
Plan C- get into my accommodation in FW before check out on Sunday!