#virtualWHWrace Update ONE – Friday 12th June 2020

Many thanks to the 1200 solos and teams who have signed up so far for this Virtual Event.  The numbers are amazing!  We hope you are all looking forward to starting your first leg at any time from midnight Thursday 11th June! It’s great to see photos on Facebook, twitter and Instagram already of runners who ran through the first night.

Please tell your friends that the closing date for entries is being extended until midnight on Saturday 13th June, which should still allow folk time to virtually run 36 miles to Inversnaid by midnight on Monday!  The 3 virtual checkpoints are at:

  • Inversnaid – Leg 1: Total 36 miles that must be completed by midnight Monday 15th June
  • Victoria Bridge – Leg 2:  27 miles, total 63 miles to be completed by midnight Thursday 18th June
  • Fort William – Leg 3:  32 miles giving a total of 95 miles to be completed midday Sunday 21st June

After you or your team have completed a leg, please return to SiEntries and EDIT MY ENTRY to add the time taken to complete the leg.  We ask you to update your entry by the deadlines documented above.

If you are a Solo or an Open Relay Team, please calculate the time taken to complete the precise distance for each leg by adding together all the time segments that make up the leg.

If you are the team captain of a Team of 3, please split the leg between the team members so that between you, you complete the exact leg distance.  Ensure that each of your team members has given you the distance they covered and the time they took on that particular leg.  It is fine if you wish to allocate an entire leg to one team member.

As soon as you have saved you leg data on SiEntries you will be able see your result included on the leaderboard.


Thank you very much for the money you have donated to Scottish Association for Mental Health as you entered the event.  If you didn’t haven’t got round to making a donation yet, you can add or increase your donation when you are using the EDIT MY ENTRY option to add your leg times.

Please tell friends who wish to sponsor a solo or team that they can also make a donation by visiting https://www.justgiving.com/samh.  Could you please ask them to mention the Virtual WHW Race in their comments section.


For updates and posts throughout the course of the virtual race please use the following:

Please use the hashtag #virtualWHWrace

We have set up the Strava group above so you can add your tracks and see what others are doing if you  join it. Please note you still need to upload your leg times to SiEntries. This group is an add on for those who are curious to see how others are doing it!


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