Position and time


Lynne Allen (1st Female) 5th 18:48:31 Blog Post
Ruairidh Campbell 19:53:28 pdf file
Joanna Murphy (3rd Female)  12th 19:57:52 pdf file
Gavin Taylor  16th 20:21:11 Blog Post
Clark Hind 18th 20:31:02 Blog Post
Gerry Craig  26th 21:10:17 Blog Post
Matt Perkins 39th 22:39:08 Blog Post
Derek Fish 26th 21:41:31 pdf file
Tim Downie  61st 23:43:26 Blog Post
David Howe   67th 24:02:51   Blog Post 

(support for Cameron Kennedy)

82nd 25:12:44  Blog Post
Aaron Gourley 102nd 27:41:01 Club website
Andrew Paterson   106th 27:49:16 pdf file
Allan Grant 110th 28:27:46 pdf file
Diane Behm 114th 29:05:29 Blog Post
Louise Johnstone 129th 30:08:42 Blog Post
Fiona Rennie 135th 30:25:25 Blog Post
Neil Ramsey 145th 31:19:36 pdf file
Alan Stewart 150th 32:41:19 Blog Post
Neil MacRitchie 151st 32:42:15 pdf file
Billy Reid 155th 33:52:27 pdf file
John Kynaston dnf at 21 miles Blog Post
Rhona McKinnon Role of Sweeper Blog Post