Thomas O’Brien

I am an 39 year old ( soon to be 40 )! Irish lad from limerick and I work as building site manager in Glasgow I have been in Scotland for about 15 years now happily married with 3 crazy kids under 8. ( which is a great help when you have many training runs to do!! Not)

Ultra History
After getting back into running in 2009 the distances just seemed to get longer and longer and I done my first ultra in 2016 in Dunoon I have done this now a further 2 times also done the devil last year and the Tiree ultra. Hoping to try and complete the triple crown and Tiree and Dunoon this year.

Why the WHW?
I was a support runner back in 2012 and the seed was sown but it was only after completing the devil last year that I though about attacking the race this year.

Aim for the race?
My Aim is be honest to myself and give it everything. The early hours of Sunday will do me for a finish if possible.