Jenni Rees-Jenkins


I’m a biology teacher from a small village called Insch in Aberdeenshire.  I am married to Matthew and have two girls called Lily (who is 9) and Jasmine (who is 7).  My husband and I started running in 2006 but I stopped frequently and never really progressed from 10k distance.  After having my children I wanted to get fit again and combined it with my passion for hill walking, having less time to get out meant running was the answer, I started to run longer distances to maximise my time and in 2014 ran my first marathon.  I quickly found that I loved running and being outdoors helped me deal with the many challenges of being an adult, my obsession with trail running and pushing distance running is now a part of my life.

Ultra History

I have completed 28 races of ultramarathon distance, my first was the D33 in 2014.  That year I also ran Glenogle and I do recall claiming I would never run again after.  I will never forget how hard it was to run more than 26 miles (I had the same thoughts after my first 5K to be fair) and how much I hurt after.  In 2015 I completed a few more events and finally ran the Highland fling race which was a highlight for me that year.  I think I fell in love with the ultra-community as much as the running and have learned so much from so many people, my life is richer knowing runners.  In 2016 I took on a charity year and ran 5000km for MNDScotland, I completed several races and got pretty good at running.  2017 has been about me finding my place in the world of running and I’m entering the WHW race with a passion for trail running and the ability to spend time exploring a beautiful part of the world on an epic journey.  My favourite race highlight has been completing the Skyrace events in the Lake District, I discovered a lot about myself those days and loved the whole experience.

Why the WHW?

I love the mountains and running the old passes and droving routes has been a great attraction to my route planning for future years.  Before I move fully to running mountain passes and moving away from racing as such I felt that the WHW race was an event I needed to do.  In addition I do want to help out at the race in future years, I’ve crewed twice for friends but I feel, like many things in life, that until you have actually experienced something for yourself it is difficult to help others.

Aim for the race?

I would like to complete the race without injury and enjoy the journey.  I guess my target time is 24hrs but I’m fully aware of how dangerous it is to set a goal time especially when enjoyment rather than racing is the goal.