George Furmage


Hi, I am 47 years young and just starting my ninth year of running. This will be my third attempt to complete one of the best experiences of my life and my second crack at the triple crown. I have been involved in the Greatest show on earth since 2013 supporting twice, sweeping once and now competing thrice times. My first goblet was for me, my second was for my number one supporter and rock, my wife Susan, my third one, if I get it will be dedicated to my older sister, Sandra who drives up and makes the goblet ceremony everytime, even after crashing her car at Glencoe last year.

Ultra History

To date, I have completed 21 ultras, last year’s race being my 21st. I popped my ultra cherry in 2013 at the Clydestride followed by Glenogle, the wet one. From then I was hooked. After being a support runner for John Munro in 2013, I was also hooked on the WHW, the beauty and serenity of the WHW is truly breathtaking and getting the opportunity to run in the race is truly humbling.

I’ve done most of the ultras in Scotland. Glenogle a firm favourite, any BAM race to be honest. D33 I find horrible but perhaps rather sickly, I enjoy the challenge of it. I have done Glenmore 24 twice now and am determined to get a decent run sometime before I retire.

Why the WHW?

It’s the West Highland Way! The greatest ultra on the greatest route with the greatest race team enabling us to run. For one weekend, you get to learn more about yourself than any other time from the depths of despair to the most alive you will ever feel. From start to finish you are treated to some of the most iconic views Scotland has to offer. I would ask the question to people “what motivated you not to enter”

Aim for the race?

Whether to win or complete or somewhere in between.

My aim of the race is for us(my team) to get to Fort William knowing we all gave it our level best. Ultimately, under 24hours would be awesome, even 1 second.