Gary Aronhalt

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but often-times better than a master of one…” My name is Gary Aronhalt and I’m 48 years old and have been: a caterer, a baker, a pastry chef, a minister, a guitar salesman, an IT guy, a tech services sales guy, an entrepreneur, a marketing and communications guy. Currently I’m doing work facilitating self-discovery, relationship awareness and team dynamics with an assessment tool called TotalSDI.

Ultra History
Turning 40 jumpstarted my interest in running. A road marathon in 2010 led to trail marathons in 2011 & 2012, which was also the year I did my first 50 miler. 2013 saw my first 100k, and Leadville was my first 100 in 2014, followed by the Run Rabbit Run 100 (actually 107) in 2015. I’ve done a handful of other, shorter ultras, too. And I’ve crewed and paced a bunch, as well.

Why the WHW?
I travelled to Scotland in 2011 for a fishing trip with a friend, and when we fished Loch Lundavra, I saw signs for the WHW route. But, it was only on returning home that I discovered that there was also a race over the course. Watching the film “Closing Distance” sealed the fact that someday I’d run this race.

Frankly, I have had a bit of a rough go physically since finishing the Run Rabbit Run race in 2015, and so I wanted something extra special for my return to very long ultras, and WHW was the perfect mix of my loves for travel, Scotland, adventures and ultrarunning. I can’t wait!

Aim for the race?
Dream = Sub 24
Fantasy = Sub 26
Hope = Sub 28
Reality = Get to Ft. Bill in one piece before 34:59:59
Since I’ve not gone longer than 50k since 2016, I’m firmly in the “complete” category!