Stuart Macfarlane


I was a late developer – not taking up running until I was 52+1/4. After a short time in the remedial class I was allowed to run with the big boys and girls – my first marathon was London in 2007 and my first ultra was the 35 mile Draycote in 2009. I have run every single day for the past 6+1/2 years – covering 18,000 miles in that time.

I write inspirational and humour books – including “A Marathon of Running Jokes” – which includes one or two mentions of the West Highland Way Race:

Roddy is on the last section of the ninety-five mile West Highland Way Race when he hears a runner in front of him crying.

“Are you okay?” asks Roddy catching up.

“Sorry for the tears,” says the runner, wiping his face, “it’s just that for the last 10 years my wife joined me for this section. But she passed away so this is the first time I’ve had to do it on my own.”

“That’s awful,” says Roddy. “Could you not have got a relative or friend to join you?”

The man shakes his head sorrowfully. ‘No,’ he says, tears streaming down his cheeks, ‘they’re all at the funeral.’

Ultra History

I run mainly Scottish events and have completed at least one variation of all of the SUMS (Scottish Ultra Marathon Series) races.

During 2018 I hope to reach the magic 100 of marathon/ultra running.

Why the WHW?

I have completed the WHWR on three previous occasions. The first time was to celebrate turning 60. I fell in love with the race: it is such an iconic event on a beautiful trail – with wonderful people.

I have been involved with the race each year for the past five years – either running or supporting – is there any better way to spend the mid-summer weekend?

Aim for the race?

I would like to beat the course record but will probably settle for getting round without any broken limbs.