Stephen McEwan


Married to Sarah and father to a pair of energetic children, Gabriel (10) and Frances (6).  I only run so that I can keep up with G n F and am able to eat like I’m a teenager.  Struggling with the challenges of training and travelling for work – it’s not  the distances as much as the off road hills – not many to be found in the middle of Berlin.

Ultra History
After three years of marathons I did the usual “How much harder is it to do an Ultra?” thing.  Next thing I know I’m falling over the finish line of the Devil o’ the Highlands, with Jay, and unable to stop smiling (spell check had this as smelling and although I’m sure I was it was the smiling that mattered most to me). Having walked the Caledonian Challenge I had seen the lunatics running the other way and always worried about their mental health, but now I knew better.  A viewing of Unbreakable and Billy Yang’s CCC UTMB® 2015 meant I had a bucket list of ultras.  WHW, CCC, WSER.  So I’ve now run the Mourne Marathon (Ireland, where a 52 miler is called a marathon) and St Cuthbert’s Way Ultra.  Both awesome and both have got me to the start of the WHW race, so the first one is to be ticked off in 2018, hopefully.
Why the WHW?
Have you seen the course?  So why are you asking?  I’ve hiked parts for my honeymoon, I’ve run parts on the Devil and the Glencoe marathon, I’ve hiked parts when friends visit from the US so why not try and see it all in one day?
Fort William marathon for my first marathon before I turned forty.  Ever present at Islay marathon.  Strathearn for my PB.  Big Sur, on three days’ notice (and it hurt) for an international marathon. 
Aim for the race?
On a great day, get in under 21 hours.  On a good day, get in under 24 hours.  On a bad day, get a WHW PB (this is my first try).