Scott LaBerge


Grew up in Minnesota, moved to California, met Kristin (wife/crew chief), quit smoking and started running a bit. Got in with a bad crowd that started me on the slippery slope of trail running at age 50.

Ultra History

Completed my first ultra in 2006 and have since finished many more, including ten different 100 mile races such as Leadville, Western States and UTMB, and a 100 mile race on a Stand-up paddleboard.

Why WHW?

I have never been to Scotland before and am looking forward to the whole experience. The West Highland Way race is a unique challenge, and will involve training, learning a foreign language and getting to quit after 95 miles sounds a little odd to an American!

Goals for the race:

  • The night before…maybe I could win!
  • The morning of the race…maybe 24 hours?
  • Halfway through the race…maybe I can hold my own in my age group
  • Mile 80…maybe I can finish standing up.