Ross Beveridge

Hi. I’m Ross, a 37 year old Fifer now living in East Lothian with my wife, Alice and 2 kids Aria (4) and Ayren (1). I run a professional dog walking business and have been running since 2012 (started on my honeymoon to be exact!)
Ultra History
After working my way up to marathon distance from nothing, my first Ultra was the Jedburgh 3 Peaks in 2015 and it’s still my favourite (so far!). I’ve done 7 Ultras to date including the John Muir Way and the Great Glen. My wee stumpy legs and my love of pizza and cake are always going to mean that I’m a middle of the pack runner so I’m not expecting a podium finish!
Why the WHW?
Everyone I’ve spoken to, who has ever done it, raves about it and it’s kind of been the race to aim for since I started running Ultras. I applied this year thinking I wouldn’t get in so I could motivate myself to have a serious try in 2019 but to my surprise/horror I got in! Now it’s the focus of my year and I’m so looking forward to getting out there and giving it a right good go.
Aim for the race?
My aim for this race is the same as it is for every other Ultra. Finish! Everything else is a bonus. As this is my first outing, I have no previous time to beat so it’s all about getting over the line in one piece so I can get a hug from my wife and kids and show the little ones what amazing things they can achieve if they believe in themselves.