Rob Livingstone


Did more running to stop getting stiff after football and just kept going. Worked driving round Scotland so needed to run so I could drink beer and eat cake. Also saved having to buy new trousers.

Ultra History

When I turned 59 I did a run from where I was born in Edinburgh round all the places I’d lived – in chronological order. Called it Foetus to 59.

Roughly 362 miles in 15 days. Loved it so thought I’d try some ultras. Have done the D33,the Devil twice and the Fling plus a few others – 10 in total including Falkirk this year

Why the WHW?

I have crewed 5 times and swore I’d never do it but helpful? nagging from the two lads I had supported convinced me to think about it.

The MAIN reason is I read/heard somebody say that more folk have climbed Mount Everest than completed the WHW race…and I’m not good with heights.

That has stuck with me – thanks whoever that was.

Aim for the race?

Get to start line healthy. Fantasy is 25 hours but listened to what John K said and will have a 27hr/29hr/FIFI plan.

FIFI is the four word mantra I’ll be muttering to myself if it goes wrong.   F**K  IT, FINISH IT….and repeat.