Richard Sams


Hi, I’m Richard. I started running in 2000, after trying and failing to play football after work in Regents Park (London) and realising I was badly out of shape. Moved to Scotland in 2003 and spent many years running up and down the Forth and Clyde canal until one day I met some dubious characters. From there it was “D33, GO33, DoH, drop bags, checkpoints etc etc”…eh ??!!

Ultra History

So, I joined in and did the D33 in 2015 and from there I’ve done a few of the other ultra-distance races in Scotland, loving them and the community around them. Longest so far was a failed attempt at Liverpool to Leeds in 2017 when I had to quit after 80 miles. One of my favourite memories was during the Devil o’ the Highlands, just standing looking at Ben Nevis while waiting for my pal to catch up so we could run in together.

Why WHW?

It was the chance really, to participate in one of the iconic races and experience the full WHW distance after completing the Fling and DoH. Hopefully, I can enjoy the experience as much as possible, be grateful for being able to do these things and take in the incredible scenery along the way

Goals for the race:

The usual two rules …

  • Don’t be s**t !
  • Don’t die !!


  • Do the race justice and enjoy it