Paul Dickson

Paul Dickson, 41. Late starter to running (5 years) but definitely bitten by the bug. Love long runs through forests, music and whisky!
Ultra History

Fling, Jedburgh, Glenogle, Run the Blades, John Lucas 50. Highlight is running 40 races for my 40th year for charity. Pretty much one race per week. Looking back, I can’t believe I made it through without injury.
Why the WHW?

Since I heard stories from my old boss who completed it, I’ve been captivated. To someone who had never run a marathon it seemed an impossible task. 5 years on, it still seems like that, but a task definitely worth trying.
As a bonus it also opens the door to the UTMB and Western States. Unbreakable is my favourite film.
Aim for the race?

Just to finish!