Nicola Dunn


Hi I am Nicola Dunn. I live in Edinburgh with my husband & two kids and work as a doctor in sexual health. I started running to lose weight but quickly got sucked into hill racing where I met some inspiring individuals who did the most mental sounding races that lasted for literally hours or even days. No way was I ever going to anything that daft I thought to myself.

Ultra history
Fast forward a few years and here I am determined to get my hands on one of those goblets. I have done a few ultras including the Fling but have unfinished business with the WHW since I tried to hike it aged 26 and bailed at Tyndrum with hurty feet. I find it amusing that at 46 I am a good deal fitter than I ever was in my youth.

Aim of the race?

To finish it even if I am crawling through the doors of the leisure centre, bawling my eyes out. Which is highly likely as I have form for crying on ultra finish lines.