John Hamill


John Hamill 47, married to Yvonne and daughter Zara (11). I sit in front of a computer all day so running helps keep some weight off and clears my head.

Ultra History

I have done 12 ultras including a triple crown in 2016.

Why the WHW?

I did the last relay leg of the fling in 2011 when training to do my first marathon. I was hooked on WHW since but never imagined I would ever do the full race.

Madness. I entered in 2016 not thinking I would be selected and then the fear kicked in and forced me to train harder than ever before. Hoping for the same this year as it is still a huge challenge to get to the start line in good shape and then hope everything goes well on the day.

Aim for the race?

Completion is my main target. Nearer the time I will set gold, silver and bronze times more as a guide for my crew. If I could beat my 2016 time I would be delighted.