Jean-Francois Bandel


55 years old and I run since the age of 16. I  begun by 400 Meters hurdles race when I was young and after studies, I cannot go further to practice my speciality.  But I  keep nearly my running shoes, to run each time, I can and anywhere I go .

Ultra History

My wife was born in Corsica and in the past, I noticed the “INTERLACS race” near the town of  Corte. I’ve got memories because it was my  first race and I met Dawa Dachhiri SHERPA (amazing,  humble and simple person).  VULCAIN race (In central  massif in France)  was a wonderful race with snow and beautiful weather and landscapes too.   But I like running in my area too, (VOSGES mountains) and  the Glen lacs race near GERARDMER Town is really as hard as one of the difficult  ALPES races, I’ve done.

Of course UTMB is a big event , I’ve done and occasion to meet lot foreign ultra racers.

For me : running is a sort of Universal way to communicate with everybody in the world.

Why the WHW Race?

A return to memories ( my wedding trip in this special area in Scotland, 26 years ago) and a deeply wish to run in this open landscape to feel the most I’ll could, your beautiful country, meet persons who live in Scotland too, if I can.

Aim for the Race?

I’m surely not the stronger racer of course but I will do my best to succeed in and join the arrival because it’ll be : a goal  for me and for my family and  friendly team and my tribute to thank you to trust in me and  this marvellous chance to come back.

See you soon, my “team”  and me are in a hurry to come !