James Smith


Originally from Berkshire, exiled in Essex with a few other stops in-between. Started running in 2009 and enjoy all forms of running; road or cross country, track or trails. Particularly fond of the marathon distance and have been lucky enough to compete in the British Champs at London marathon a couple of times.

Ultra History

Started with the longer distances a couple of years ago – I just love the feeling of being a complete newbie again when it comes to the ultra distance. Did my first proper ultra event at the Calderdale Way 50.5 in 2016 (but ended up doing quite a few unintentional extra miles!) and never laughed so much on a run before! In 2017 did my first 100 miler at the North Downs Way 100 – an incredible experience which has really sealed my love of the longer stuff.

Why the WHW?

Soon as I started training for ultras the other ultra runners I knew all said ‘You have to do the WHW’ and the more I researched it the more I couldn’t wait to try and enter! It’s just an iconic race and the hills and scenery compared to down south are sure to be breathtaking. I feel incredibly fortunate to be selected to run in 2018.

Aim for the race?

Hopefully to finish under 24 hours with some change to spare but mainly just to enjoy and learn as much as possible.