George Furmage


40(ish) married to and supported by Susan. I took up running on Jan 23rd 2011 after seeing a photo of myself at 19/20 stone. I had a 5 year plan to complete my first marathon. 12 months later I was a marathon runner and a wee bit lighter. 5 years later I was a West Highland Way runner balling my eyes out like a baby after shaking Ian Beattie’s hand. Sticking to plans was never my forte lol

Ultra History

I got unto ultras after being asked to take part in a relay team for the Clyde stride where our team had an unofficial race with John Munro and got our erses kicked. The next year I supported John on his first WHWR and was hooked. I have completed more ultras now than any race distance. Everyone has a special place or vibe. Although, having completed Glen Ogle 5 times now I think I must like it

I have done the fling a few times and had my first DNF and gotta say it was the best thing to happen to me as it made me stronger and more determined for the WHWR the following year. The recent Ochils Ultra is now a favourite as is Dunoon. Both tough but great routes. The biggest highlight though was finishing the WHWR in 2016 where I went to hell and back but loved every bit of it, even the bacon and midgie roll at Rowardennan! It’s all protein, yeah?

Why the WHW?

No idea.  I supported John Munro in 2013 and was hooked. I went on to sweep the race, run it, give support last year and now return to run it with no sightseeing or flower picking, only business. I saw John go from being really low to pick himself up to a storming finish and I think thats what I like about ultras and the WHWR. Going to the depths of your soul and rising from that place to prove to yourself you can handle anything.

In 2016, I wanted to finish and not bother about the time. I recall going over Rannoch moor and stopping to turn around to take in the view and reality that i was actually running in the race i had dreamed about since that first run up the Devil’s Staircase.

2018 is about business and getting good use out of the hotel room I booked from America last June on the day after the race. This race gets to you in a way no other race does.

Aim for the race?

Finishing in one piece Buuuuuuuut ultimate goal is sub 24, anything else is a bonus.