Doreen Robins


Semi retired and spend three days a week working in Jenners at Loch Lomond Shores. Married to Paul with son Andrew in his 20’s (who could be a very good runner but doesn’t realise it yet).


Been running road marathons for a number of years and last year decided to try my hand at trails. Loved the longer slower running. My first and only ultra, so far, has been the highland fling.


Caught the bug after the highland Fling and knew then that I wanted to keep going and  take the challenge a little further.

Why WHW?

I have heard so many people talk about this race and to me it seemed like the ultimate challenge.  I feel extremely fortunate to  be given this opportunity and as if by magic it happens to land on my 60th  birthday.

Aim for race?

Family and friends think I’m a little crazy, but to finish the race, hopefully as early in the morning as possible. To finish is the important thing.