Dave Andrews

I am 42 years old, born in Northern Ireland and now live with my wife and 12 year old son in Aberdeen.  After 13 years of working in the Royal Air Force I now work as a Project Manager and am desk bound.  ZZZzzzzzzzzzz.  I pretty much run everything I can get time off to run (or allowed to run :)).  I’m not fussy…….
Ultra History
I’m based in Aberdeen so the D33 and Speyside Ultra are my locals so have done these a few times.  I have ventured back home to Northern Ireland to do the Titanic Ultra (102km) and took part in the Last One Standing (48 hour race) last year.  I have also traveled down to England to do Equinox 24.  In Scotland I have also run the Fling, Glen Ogle 33 and Glenmore 24 a few times.  Last year I managed to come 2nd in the SUMS for over 40s and steal a cheeky win in Glenmore 24.  Not sure how that happened but hey ho, I’ll take it.  The best thing about the Ultras is the people you meet.
Why WHW Race?
I entered and ran the WHW Race last year finishing in 20 hours 50 mins.  I had a goal time of sub 20 and pretty much mentally bottled it.  It is a class race and a real good chance to catch up with the other runners and crews who you see through the year in the other Ultras.  Im so chuffed to have gotten a late entry but have missed a months training 😉 ho ho ho, getting the excuses in already..  I’d love to get under the 20 hours but anything under 24 hour, injury free and mentally stable will do.
Aim for the Race?
Obviously to be back before the bar shuts and not look half as shocking as I did last year.