Christian Stewart


41 years old. Born and raised in Massachusetts, but living in West Palm Beach, Florida for the past 20 years.  I work in the geospatial dept. of an engineering firm.

Ultra History

Some of the favorite races I have done are the J.W. Corbett 50 mile in the scrub of the Florida everglades , the Cascade Crest 100 and Needles 50K in the cascade mountains of Washington State, the Pachamama 100k in Tilcara Argentina, the G2E in Scotland, and the Volcano marathon in Atacama Chile

Why the WHW?

I have been interested in WHW since I first heard about it. I love Scotland and I am a decedent of the highlands (according to family stories) so I want to see it all, self-propelled, and exposed to the elements.

Aim for the race?

My aim for the race is to complete the course while having fun and soaking up the experience.