Barry McLauchlan

Ultra History

Jedburgh Three Peaks Ultra Marathon 2018. Position 24. Time: 06:09:09
BAM Racing Great Glen (74 miles) 2018. Position 11. Time: 13:03:02 ​
Ochil Ultra 50 (50 Miles)2017. Position 8. Time: 09:18:27​
BAM Racing Glen Ogle (33 Miles)2017. Position 25. Time: 04:27:29​
BAM Racing Glen Lyon (32 Miles)2017. Position 13. Time: 05:00:56​
BAM Racing Glen Lyon 2018. Position 6. Time:4:35:09
Why the WHW?
After getting inspiration from a few friends to try the shorter Ultras in 2017, I have been gripped by the bug. The challenge to push myself each time has grown and the feeling of elation on completing the Great Glen in 2018 stayed with me for a long time and is like an addiction.
I completed the WHW over 11 years ago with some friends over 2 days. Staying over in Tyndrum. We ran/walked it and taking out our stay our moving time was over 30 hours. When I found out that there was a race that people where completing in 15 hours continues running I thought this was impossible and I was in awe of everyone who completes the course and even puts there body on the line trying. It became a dream to try again in the official race and hopefully complete the course.
When I run on the WHW during training not only is it demanding with beautiful surroundings but I find it very spiritual. I get a real contact with a power greater than myself and I always feel at one with nature on the course. It really is the iconic Ultra for any Scotsman and this is why I am so grateful to get the opportunity to try and conquer this challenge.
Aim for the race?
My idea of a successful race is to conquer the course smiling and unbroken. I have ideas of times that I am using to motivate my training, but ultimately anything other than a DNF would be a victory to me:
Finish (Smiling & Unbroken)
Finish (Smiling  & Unbroken in under 20 hours)
Finish (Smiling  & Unbroken in over 20 hours)
Finish (Smiling  & Unbroken)