Andrew Paterson

I’m an NHS Consultant in the Maxillofacial Unit at Crosshouse Hospital,Kilmarnock and a volunteer for a dental development charity in Tanzania where I lead teams that teach rural health workers to provide emergency dentistry. I’m married to Libby (who is attempting her first 100k ultra this year) and we have 3 sons and a daughter.
Ultra History
After being back of the pack for several years I managed to complete this amazing race in 2017. Training for and running it was life changing for me in terms of finally realising what a healthy diet was and this allowed me to achieve what I had thought was well beyond my capabilities.
Why WHW?
The WHW is to me the most special trail. Living near the start I get to play on it every week – it feels like home and we all know there’s no place like home!
Aim for the Race?
Ultimately to get my second goblet but on the Way to choose a different coloured jelly baby, have some great craic, face whatever weather the Scottish summer and annual midge infestation brings then enjoy every mile and moment and finish strong – time is irrelevant as long as it’s under 35 hours. Finishing with more toenails than 2017 would be an added bonus!”