Allan Carr


I live in Dumbarton with my fiancé Mandy and our 2 daughters, Emma and Laura (and our dog Izzy).

Ultra history

I’ve completed around 20 ultra-marathons in total and have been lucky enough to run this iconic race before.

Why WHW?

If I am being honest the race has kind of hooked me in.  Somehow, I have managed to complete the race 3 times (hopefully 4 if I finish this year) and therefore I am getting close to the automatic qualifying criteria of 5 completed races.  That said, I would never underestimate the magnitude of the task in hand and I don’t take completion this year as a given.  Better to have 4 in the bag before I start getting ahead of myself thinking about qualifying criteria.  Another reason I love this race is Mandy, Emma and Laura are a huge part of my support team.  They watch me going through some extreme highs and epic lows but seeing them at checkpoints always gives me a massive lift (and the race has become a bit of a family affair).

Aim for the race

My times have gradually improved since my debut as a WHW virgin in 2016.  Then I completed the race in 25:50, in 2017 I managed round (and was delighted with) 23:15 and last year I completed the course in 20:22.  Conditions play a huge part but if it happens for me on the day and conditions are favourable I would love to duck under 20 hours.