2022 Final Runner Instructions

All runners have now been sent the following email

Dear WHW entrant,

As I am sure you know, there is now a month to go until the 2022 Altra West Highland Way Race.  I hope your training has gone well and you are in the best possible shape for the race.  If you have received this e-mail, you are currently on the start list; if you no longer intend to take part please e-mail me to advise.

The following documents are attached:

Runner Instructions and Race Rules for 2022;

Medical Guidance document;

Support team brief;

Support and Medical Details form.

Please read the attached documents carefully.  Please e-mail the Support and Medical Details form to me as soon as possible, but by Saturday 28 May at the latest.  It is important that you take the time to read over and understand the points in each of the documents.

In summary:

  • Read carefully the Runner Instructions and Race Rules, the Medical Guidance, and the Support Team brief.  Then read it again to make sure you have not missed anything.  This is particularly important, even if you have done the race before, as there are a number of changes from previous races.
  • Complete the Support and Medical Details form, and email it to me as soon as possible, but by 28 May at the latest.
  • Ensure that your support crew have read and understand the instructions, particularly the sections that directly affect them.
  • Look out for an email about merchandising, which will arrive soon.

Good luck with the final part of your training, and I look forward to seeing you at Milngavie on the evening of 17 June.