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Virtual West Highland Way Race Midnight Thursday 12th June –12:00 Noon Sunday 21st June 2020

This is an opportunity to virtually run, walk or crawl the 95 miles (155km) distance of the West Highland Way, Scotland’s iconic long distance trail, following current government guidelines on exercise routines, for the period of the race. Like all virtual events, it relies on honesty from everyone just getting out there, logging some miles as accurately as they can, and having some serious fun too.

The event Starts Midnight Thursday 11th June and ends Midday Sunday 21st June. Runners have 9.5 days to complete the 95 miles.

We are actively discouraging anyone from running 95 miles in one go. We are also encouraging all entrants to stay local.

The virtual run allows runners to run 95 miles, over 9.5 days, either individually, as a semi competitive 3 runner team relay, or as a multi team fun relay.

You run segments of your choosing, by the 3 check point cut offs, and then upload your detail to SI systems

Checkpoints are at

Inversnaid – Leg 1: Total 36 miles that must be completed by midnight Mon 15th June

Victoria Bridge – Leg 2:  27 miles, total 63 miles to be completed by midnight Thurs 18th June

Fort William – Leg 3:  32 miles giving a total of 95 miles to be completed midday Sun 21st June

After you have completed a Leg, please return to SiEntries and EDIT your Entry so that you can record your time for the leg. Once the deadline for completing each leg has passed, the SiEntries Team will display your cumulative time and position on the Results webpage so you can all have fun watching each other too!

For those not familiar with the full trail route, info is on this website. Route tab under Race

YOU decide your strategy according to your available time and ambitions. Run and enjoy long single stages or break it down in smaller (and possibly faster) stages – your own imagination is your only guide.

SOLO RUNNERS – YOU will be responsible for uploading your results at the end of each stage.

RELAY TEAMS – Team Captain to upload the results for all team members.

Your entry confirmation email gives details on how to enter your results

Minimum age 21 on 11th June 2020 for the individual race… no age limit for relay but under 15’s should be sensibly and socially chaperoned with maximum 5k stages.

Please take a few minutes to understand the virtual event and what it involves, before entering. Running isn’t cancelled, it is just adapting.

No overall prizes, but spot prizes awarded in an ad hoc simple fashion by the race and sponsors, details TBC

There is NO facility to upload a strava link or similar but the organising team reserve the right to ask for any data confirmation. Should we spot any obvious “outlier performances:-)”

We have however set up a Strava group so you can see what others are doing if you want to join it. Please note you still need to upload your milage to SiEntries as explained. This group is an extra for those who want to see how others are doing it!

The entry fee covers admin costs by the race and SiEntries in setting up the platform.

West Highland Way race continues to be a not for profit event, run by volunteers.  We have kept the cost of entry very low and any surplus funds will be donated to Scotland Association for Mental Health.  There is also an opportunity to add a donation to SAMH during the entry process.  Please donate generously.

An event Buff and tee shirt will be available to purchase. We will notify entrants, and make an announcement on the race FB page, as soon as finalised.

If you post on social media please use #virtualwhwrace

Links you will need to enter and to add your results

Enter Online

Edit Entries (Add Results)

Entry List (Results List)

7 thoughts on “Virtual whwrace 2020

  1. Hi there, I have just entered. Do you include the elevation of the WHW race or is it just the distance. Thank you

    1. Hi Jean. We are glad you’ve entered. No just the distance. You are free to try do the elevation as well if you want to!!

    1. If you want to run your sections at the same time as another team member that’s fine. Just keep a track of how many miles you run.

    1. For the 3 person relay is it as simple as this… Leg one runner has from start date to first cut off to do their distance, Leg two runner has from start date to cut off two to record their distance and lucky number 3 leg runner had the whole time from start date to finish date to record their distance, therefore meaning leg 3 is the best leg to have??

      1. That is one way of doing it! We want it to be as straight forward as possible so we are happy for you to work it out for yourself. Enjoy!

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