Videos from whwrace Inspiration Night 2020

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On Wednesday 26th February 2020 around 100 people attended our annual ‘Inspiration Evening’ organised by Adrian Stott at Stirling.

Here are the videos of the 5 sessions

Session One – 33mins 19sec

Adrian Stott and John Kynaston interviewed Female course record holder Lucy Colquhoun

Session Two – 10mins 21sec

Matt Bond gave an introduction to the running Shoe Altra who are sponsoring the whwrace this year

Session Three – 22mins 45secs

Sean Stone outlined a number of Medical Issues and interviewed David Searil

Slides of Sean’s Talk 

Session Four – 14mins 19secs

Adrian Stott on ‘Overtraining’

Slides of Adrian’s talk

Session Five – 45mins 13secs

Question and Answer session led by John Kynaston

Panel members: Ian Beattie, Lucy Colquhoun, Rowan Boswood & Kirsten Cowling

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