Final reminders from Race Director

Well, only a few days to go now. I hope everyone is feeling ready, relaxed and excited about what lies ahead. I would like to remind everyone, particularly the support crews, of a few things that will help the race go more smoothly.

The rules on support are clear. Everyone needs motorised support throughout the race with a minimum of one person up to Auchtertyre, then two for the rest of the race. Support crew are required to check in at registration with their runner and will be given a vehicle permit. This should be displayed throughout the event so we can identify who is part of the race.

Remember that everyone involved is an ambassador for the race at all times. The great reputation we have built up over many years can be damaged by any poor behaviour by any single person. Please keep the noise down during the night hours, particularly when near houses. Drymen has been a problem for us in the past, and any spectating has to be done from the field, not outside the houses. No-one is allowed to park on the spur road outside the houses, and should head down towards the village itself. Kinlochleven is another built up area where we need to keep noise levels to a minimum.

Support crews are welcome to see their runner at the Beech Tree Inn near Glengoyne, about 7 miles from the start. Thanks to Lynne for letting us use the car park there.

You will also be aware that support crews are not allowed access to Beinglas Farm this year, and are not allowed to meet their runner anywhere between the top of Loch Lomond and Crianlarich. However it is also important that the crews do not go to Auchtertyre Farm too early – if this happens Auchtertyre will not be able to cope with the volume of traffic. One option is to park in Crianlarich and walk about a mile up the hill to see your runner at Bogle Glen; another is to head to Tyndrum for something to eat at the Green Welly, Real Food Cafe etc. A bit of help and common sense would be greatly appreciated.

Faster runners (sub 21 hour pace) are not allowed any of their support crew running with them, except for the area one quarter mile before and after the checkpoint. Please respect this.

Don’t forget to look after yourselves, as well as your runner. Eat well, keep warm, and don’t drive when overtired – have a nap or change driver. It can get very cold overnight in the Scottish highlands so be prepared for anything.

Finally, enjoy it! Everyone (runners, support crews and race volunteers) is doing taking part because we want to. Nobody is forcing us. We are privileged to be able to take part in such a wonderful event, with such fantastic people around us, in such beautiful surrounding. For many of us the WHW Race has been a life changing experience. I wish you all a brilliant weekend; the very best of luck to your runner, and I look forward to see you at some point during the race.

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