Remembering Dario Melaragni

Although Dario passed away in 2009, I’m sure some of the runners in this year’s race, coming up soon, will remember him.
As per his specific instructions to me the day before he died, his ashes have now been scattered over his beloved run, in fact around his memorial, at the spot he loved. His nephew, Will Ballingall, piped not only Highland Cathedral as Dario had asked but also a few more spirited tunes as we stayed to keep him company a while.
On the way to the memorial it was a  very atmospheric , low- cloud, a  truly dreich Scots day  but, as we scattered his ashes, the clouds lifted and all became so much clearer. I’m sure he was there  with us and maybe will be there  at least in spirit for the race on 22nd. If he knew you then, he’ll be looking out for you this year, and even if he didn’t know you, I’m sure he will still be supporting you till you reach that finishing line.
At least now when you pass by and stroke his “head” you’ll know a little of  him is there there with you.
For those of you who were with  him on top of Lochnagar that fatal day, I also scattered a few ashes there too.
I wish you  all a good run and thank you for remembering him as you have done by the memorial ; it  is so Dario and so tactic.
His sister, Diana.

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