2021 Volunteer Information

Volunteer Registration

Volunteer registration is now closed as the 2020 race has been cancelled.

Volunteer registration for 2021 will open in March 2021.

The West Highland Way Race has a great reputation for the support runners receive before, during, and after the race.

To put the race on successfully each year requires a small army of volunteers.

Volunteering can be a good way to be involved and gain experience of the race.

Each year we have a good mix of old hands and new helpers.

Some of the general volunteer jobs include

  • Friday runner registration
  • Social media support
  • Checkpoint duties
  • Finish line support
  • Sweep team/Race Safety

We will also be looking for volunteers with medical and/or first aid experience to help the race medical team at each of the checkpoints.

Crew Exchange

We also sometimes need volunteers to step in and crew for overseas runners who may have difficulty bringing a crew to Scotland.

While it is each runner’s responsibility to find their own crew, the race organisation will try to help overseas runners in need of a crew, with volunteers willing to support a runner.

This process usually starts after Easter and we usually manage to find crew for all runners.

Volunteer timetable

The outline timetable for volunteers is set out below

  • Jan volunteer registration opens
  • Feb 1st update sent to volunteers
  • Feb checkpoint leads confirmed
  • Mar 2nd update sent to volunteers
  • confirm availability of volunteers
  • Apr Allocate volunteers to roles
  • Begin finding crews for overseas runners
  • May confirm volunteer roles
  • June crew briefing distributed