2018 Entry stats

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The final entry list of 300 is now complete for the 2018 race. Please note there is no waiting list as we anticipate there will be a number of withdrawals before the race and we plan on a starting number of around 265.

Here is a breakdown of the entries by age category and whether runners have finished a whw race previously. Please note that the stats are not available to show how many runners have started a previous race but not completed. So the number of the 185 who are down as not completing a whw race yet may have started a previous race.

A few comments

  • 61.67% have not finished a whw race yet
  • Largest category for female and male is the V40 age group
  • There are 4 male runners in the V70 category including 2 who haven’t done it before.
  • 21% of the field are female

Here is a breakdown of how many whw goblets runners have so far …

Any other observations? Feel free to comment below!

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