Some stats on the starting line up

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As I write the race is just over a week away and hopefully everyone who is planning to start will start!

At the beginning of December 2016 we offered 265 runners a place in the 2017 race.

For various reasons 52 people have had to withdraw so we are left with 213.

I thought it would be interesting to see how those 213 breakdown.

Here are the various categories ….

So we have over three times more men than women.

The most popular age category is the Men’s MV40.

Of those 213 here is a breakdown of how many times people have completed the race before.

I don’t have the stats of how many started and didn’t finish (before someone asks!!) ….

Personally as a MV50 with 6 finishes I am in a category of 1!! How many are in your category?

Well over half (121) have not completed the race before so they are in for an extra special event.

Of those who have run at least once before here is the top 10 pb’s …

Sorry I couldn’t resist this one as it will be only time I’ll be listed in the top 10!!

Three of those runners ran their pb last year so it will be interesting to see whether they can go faster.

Finally here is a list of those who have completed the race at least 7 times and are running again this year ….


John Kynaston

2 thoughts on “Some stats on the starting line up

  1. Great statistics John Thanks for that. (V60cat 4 previous pb 2014 @22.33. Lol) Even after 4 previous the nerves and the fear are really cranking up now.

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