Position and time


Gerry Craig

11th 19:37:40

Blog Post

Stuart Chalmers

16th 20:03:17

Blog Post

Sandra McDougall

28th 21:57:42

Blog Post

Fraser McCoull

32nd 22:23:04

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Gavin Orr

38th 22:37:12

Blog Post

Andrew Crichton

42nd 22:57:12

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Scott McMurtrey

45th 23:12:10

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Giacomo Squintani

62nd 24:07:46

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Greg Beatiie (support for Raymond Quinn)

68th 24:33:46

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Steven Beattie

75th 25:29:24

Google Docs

Amanda Hamilton

81st 26:19:04

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Victoria Shanks

108th 28:45:39

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Audrey McIntosh

110th 28:56:48

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Rhona McKinnon

111th 28:57:54

Blog Post

Allan Grant

112nd 29:01:58

pdf file

Fiona Rennie

115th 29:21:04

Blog Post

Andrew McMillen

144th 32:18:41

Blog Post

Alan Stewart

DNF (Did not finish)

Blog Post

Sarah Self

Marshal at Kinlochleven

Blog Post

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