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Registration takes place on Saturday 21 June between 10.00 am and 11.30 am at By The Way Hostel, Lower Station Road, Tyndrum.  Directions are shown on the map at this link:


At registration you will collect two numbers for each member of your team (i.e. six numbers in total).  These must be worn throughout each leg on both the front and back of each runner’s top.  The reason for having two numbers is to ensure full WHW Race runners are able to distinguish those taking part in the full WHW race from those taking part in the relay.  It would be helpful if you could let the full WHW runners that you are in the relay when passing, and wish them luck – by that stage they will have covered more than 50 miles of the 95 mile race and may be feeling a bit tired.

You will be asked to confirm the names of each team member covering each leg.  If there have been any changes to this information since entering the race, please try to update the details on SI Entries beforehand – it will make things easier for the registration team and reduce the level of race administration on the day.  You will also be given your race garment for each member of the team, and the electronic timing card as outlined below.

Toilets will be available on the campsite.

If you happen to be leaving a car at By The Way Campsite, please let the officials know when you are registering.  The campsite owners have asked that any cars being left are parked at the bottom end of the campsite, to ensure they do not interfere with the other campsite users.

Electronic timing:

Each team will be issued with a SPORTident Timing Card (SI-Card) at registration.  This is worn on a neck lanyard.  It is a flat card, about half the size of a credit/debit card.  Please take care when removing upper layers of clothing that you don’t inadvertently take off the lanyard with your clothing. 

At each of the checkpoints (and also at Bridge of Orchy for the 1st leg runner), you need to lay the SI-Card flat over the hole in the SPORTident Timing station and the station will beep or flash.  This indicates that a timestamp has been recorded on your card.  This procedure is an essential requirement of the race.  Once the time has been recorded, the Timing Card should be passed to the next leg runner.  Follow the same procedure at the Finish and hand your SI-Card to the SPORTident Timing Team.  You will be given a small printout showing your split times through each checkpoint on the route.

Each time you register your SI-Card at a checkpoint, data is uploaded onto the SPORTident webserver in real time.  This allows Friends and Family to follow your progress throughout the race, either at home on a computer or on any web enabled phone as they support you along the route.  The link is http://live5.sportident.co.uk/westhighlandwayrace

Until each SI-Card has reached the Finish or been handed in at a checkpoint, the event organisers will assume that you are still on the course.  There is a charge of £30 for each SI-Card that is not handed in.

Race start:

The relay will start at 12 noon from the car park beside Brodies store in Tyndrum, just off the A82 (at the west side of the Green Welly Store).  This is about a 10 minute walk from registration, so make sure you allow plenty time to get there.

Relay changeover points:

There are 3 legs, as shown below.  The changeover points are at locations with no parking problems, and which are already set up for the full WHW Race.  To minimise congestion relay competitors and supporters are asked to avoid other areas.  In particular no access is permitted to the full race checkpoint at Bridge of Orchy, nor on to the minor road to Forest Lodge.

  • Leg 1 is from Tyndrum to Glencoe, a distance of approx.17.5 miles;
  • Leg 2 is from Glencoe to Kinlochleven, approx.10.5 miles; and
  • Leg 3 is from Kinlochleven to Fort William, approx.14.5 miles.

Details of the changeover point locations can be found on the WHW Race website, at the following link:


Teams are responsible for their own transport between checkpoints and have primary responsibility for the safety of their own team.  Whether they wanted to have a designated driver, or have runners car share and drive different legs is up to each team.  No transport is provided by the organisers.  The full safety support infrastructure of the WHW Race will be in place.  No water or refreshments will be provided at the checkpoints, so please bring your own.

The finish:

The race finish is at the door to Lochaber Leisure Centre in Fort William.  The Leisure Centre is about 0.2 miles beyond the roundabout as you come in to Fort William, on the left hand side of the road.  Showers are available for runners.  Details are shown at the checkpoint link mentioned above.


There is a prize for the first male or mixed team, and  prize for the first all female team.  Prizes will be given in Fort William Leisure Centre immediately after the winning teams have finished. 

Walking poles: 

No competitor is allowed to use walking poles at any stage of the race, in accordance with the UKA rules governing the event.

The route:

If you are not familiar with the route, please be aware that although the majority of it is on runnable trails, there are some mildly technical rocky stretches and a few steep climbs.  It is run in stunning scenery but in remote areas with the only event support at the changeover checkpoints.  All runners will be expected to carry their own drink and snack supplies, and carry or wear appropriate clothing.  Most of the route is well marked but if you are in doubt you should carry a Harveys map of the West Highland Way.

Litter and general behaviour:

The West Highland Way is a route of outstanding beauty, and we try to ensure our race is well regarded by the West Highland Way rangers, by those living near the route, and by other users.  To this end please make sure you do not drop any litter anywhere on the route, but that you carry it with you to the next checkpoint.  Please also show consideration for walkers and other users – they have the same right to be on the route as we do.

Food and refreshments:

A number of businesses on the route have kindly agreed to open their premises and provide facilities for support crews.  The cafe at Glencoe Ski Centre (71 miles) will stay open late on the Saturday night to serve food.  The Tail Race Inn at Kinlochleven will serve food late, both for sitting in and taking away.  We are very grateful for the help of these businesses; please support them if you can.

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